We Are a Community

I am amazed at how inclusive this group of people is. To know our names and hearts so quickly was such a comfort in the transition of coming to a new school. This place is a reflection of the Kingdom.

PacBay Parent

Advisory Council

The PacBay Advisory Council is comprised of friends of Pacific Bay Christian School who offer their expertise and advise on an on-going basis. Their support and council are valuable to the advancement of the school.

Erik Ellefsen

Educator, Valley Christian High School
CCEI (Vice President), CACE (Senior Fellow)
Cairn University Educator-in-Residence
San Jose, CA

Jamie Griswold

PacBay Parent
Co-Leader, AHC Parent Association
Founder/CEO, UltraContest.com LLC
Pacifica, CA

Rob McIlvoy

Lead Pastor
Coastside Community Church
Pacifica, CA

Ashley Peterson

PacBay Parent
Co-Leader, AHC Parent Association
Half Moon Bay, CA

Sarah Proemsey, PCCI

Christian Counseling Center
San Mateo, CA

Rebekah Shapiro

PacBay Alumna
Selman Breitman LLP
Redwood City, CA

Erwin Wong

Elementary Admissions Director
Stuart Hall & Convent of the Sacred Heart
San Francisco, CA