We Are a Community

PacBay experiences, inside and outside the classroom, have already helped our daughter reimagine education, and are inspiring her to think of the world as her spiritual and educational community.

A PacBay Parent

Distinct Character and Core Values

Our Belief


We are a Christ-centered school. Our strong liberal arts program and core Bible curriculum integrate truth about God, the world, and His people.  

high schoolers are worshipping


Our Community

We foster a safe and nurturing environment.

We limit class size and prioritize positive relationships among faculty and students.

We have high standards of behavior and employ redemptive discipline.

We engage in intentional community building with parents, teachers, and students.

Our Scholarship

We strive to foster perseverance and a love of learning in our students.

We encourage innovation and leadership.

We feature a college preparatory program that gives our motivated students the opportunity to attend leading colleges and universities.

We seek to produce well-rounded students through select co-curricular opportunities.

Our Diversity

We reflect both the coast and the city of San Francisco with an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse population.

We draw students from significant metropolitan centers throughout the world.

Our Geography

We embrace the vibrant innovation of the Bay Area, while nurturing stewardship and appreciation of the beauty of our quiet coastal setting.