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With a faith-based compass, and equipped with visionary education research, PacBay is working to develop the knowledge, skills, tools and experiences children need to address the challenges and to embrace the opportunities life offers.  PacBay is providing an education in Pacifica that is deeply sensitive to the cultural diversity of the Bay Area. The school is committed to nurturing students who see themselves as agents of social transformation in the world.

Mauricio Palma

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Dr Michael ChenAs Pacific Bay Christian School welcomes students back this August, we reflect on the beautiful work of learning that students and teachers completed together during our inaugural year.  We are deeply thankful for what God did among us. Introducing Outdoor Education in the middle and high school, implementing an advisory system, and partnering with World Vision:Ignite are only a few of the initiatives we introduced last year. 

Following Commencement in May, a graduate stopped me to say, “please know that I am thankful for what the school has done for me and for my class, especially during this critical year as seniors. I am proud to be a PacBay graduate; and I would be proud to send my kids here someday.

That same evening, another graduate, when speaking to me and to his parents, said, “I learned so much this year and experienced learning in such a different way. I am ready for the next thing in life.

I will treasure these words that all educators appreciate as they reflect on the impact of a transformative kind of education.  As I frequently shared with the Class of 2019, we strive to love and care for each of our students deeply so that they can be fully convinced that they have a purpose in life, deeply rooted in Christ.

This summer the faculty read Teaching and Christian Imagination.  At the end, authors David Smith and Susan Felch invite teachers

“to refuse the truncation of imagination and the erosion of hope that happen when we allow our vision of teaching and learning to be bounded only by the urgent, the countable, the standardized, the quick tip and the time-saving technique.”  

Strengthening our habits of imagination enables us to keep risking, reflecting, revising, or rejecting everything we do here.  Our school is poised to raise a generation ready to impact our fast changing world and culture.  To respond we continue to re-imagine schooling. We look forward to some well-thought out and exciting changes this year that aim to enhance learning and facilitate community-building including flexible learning on Fridays.  We eagerly anticipate another year of exciting learning, deepening friendships, and profound growth in our Christ-centered community.



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Michael Chen, Ed.D.
Head of School