Nurturing Students

With a faith-based compass, and equipped with visionary education research, PacBay is working to develop the knowledge, skills, tools and experiences children need to address the challenges and to embrace the opportunities life offers.  PacBay is providing an education in Pacifica that is deeply sensitive to the cultural diversity of the Bay Area. The school is committed to nurturing students who see themselves as agents of social transformation in the world.

Mauricio Palma

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

For Our Graduates

Maryann Minkler Memorial Scholarship Fund

Pacific Bay Christian School is indebted to Mr. Dan Minkler, retired sea captain and long-time resident of Pacifica, for establishing a living trust in his wife’s memory to provide scholarships for worthy high school graduates, in order to assist them in achieving higher education. Annual awards will be granted from interest income generated by the fund.

Scholarship Committee: the Administration of PacBay will annually appoint a committee to review scholarship applications, conduct interviews, and award scholarships. This committee will include the school administrator, a teacher, a parent, and a respected member of the community not directly involved in PacBay as an employee or parent. Committee members with any family relationship to potential recipients of scholarships will not participate in reviewing those applicants’ applications and interviews. The school administrator will be responsible to maintain the fund, inform the committee about available funds each year, and direct investment and disbursements from the fund.

Scholarship Criteria:

Need—applicants will submit information regarding educational costs and ability to cover those costs.

Student Leadership and Service—applicants will submit a report and faculty recommendation relating to their leadership and service at school.

Community Service—applicants will submit a report and a recommendation relating to service in the larger community.

Academic Standing—applicants’ GPA and academic course load will be considered.

Educational and Ministry Goals—applicants will be interviewed to review their goals for continuing education and the ways they serve and expect to serve as a result of that education.

Application Procedure

URGENT: The following application and related documents (transcripts, SAR or financial status report, and recommendation letters) must be completed and returned by June 1 to Pacific Bay Christian School, attention Maryann Minkler Scholarship Committee. The scholarship committee will review applications during June.

You can obtain the application here.