Philosophy of Education

Pacific Bay Christian School believes God has created us in his image to be fully human―mind, body, and soul―and in community with one another. We encourage students to identify and solve human problems and to participate in his Kingdom coming and the world being restored.

PacBay strives to develop students who obtain a mastery of, and appreciation for, the content and processes of core subjects. We want our students to understand how the subjects they study in school relate to other domains of life.

Academic studies encompass a mostly finite creation, but they point us towards the character of an infinite God who values logic, order, consistency, and beauty. Therefore, the purpose of instruction at PacBay is to develop students whose mastery of content includes insight into processes that will enable them to study creation using academic tools. Such tangible engagement will help PacBay students come to a greater understanding and knowledge of God through the academic disciplines.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare students to enter the world as Christian servants and leaders who will reflect the Lord through their lives and actions as they impact the culture.