We love this school and community

My daughter is in her first year at Pacific Bay and is thriving academically, spiritually, and socially. She has met many new friends and loves her teachers. After spending several years in other schools it is refreshing to see her so engaged and happy to be at school. We love this school and community.

A PacBay Parent

Family Stories

Dear Friends,

My family and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have found Pacific Bay Christian
School. We wanted to find a school that encouraged our same values, yet provided a
solid high-quality education. PacBay, an answer to prayer, is that school. Every single
person we interact with on campus show themselves to be smart, dedicated, caring
individuals we felt we could entrust with our children, Giselle ’22 and Isaac ’26.
The school is well-rounded, not just in the pursuit of academic excellence, the arts and
athletics, but in preparing each student to make a mark on this earth and leave it better
than they found it. We see how much our daughter is thriving here. PacBay is
encouraging our children in a loving, nurturing environment to seek their God-given
destiny and to fulfill the call of God on their lives.
Pacbay feels like family -- a family that we are happy to be a part of!

Joel and Flor Roman (Giselle ’22, Isaac ’26)


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Annie Patel's Family Photo

Dear Friends,

I feel very fortunate to have found this incredible gem of a school for our children (and ourselves!)

Due to a number of reasons (city moves, challenging environments, etc.) we have been through almost every kind of school: public, private, Catholic. We have literally witnessed everything (good and bad) that those schools could offer. Luckily, our children managed to escape being victims of anything terrible, but we certainly knew students who went through extremely difficult events. Even though we all wish to protect our children from anything "bad," the world and its trials will happen. Understanding that anything can happen anywhere, I realize now it is about how one deals with these kinds of issues when they occur. This shows the true character of a school. It starts with the administration. The top-down nature of schools is what defines its environment. We have the utmost respect and faith in the ability of the administration, staff and teachers of PacBay. We have found an environment where our children are surrounded by Love. We know that this is not something to be taken for granted.

We immediately made incredible friends here and feel part of a welcoming and supportive community. Our children transitioned so easily into this environment and felt like they belonged and were welcomed by everyone.  The staff, students from their classes and other grades, as well as the parents at PacBay are exceptional in their warmth and generosity of spirit. When you meet the people here you intuitively feel that their hearts are in the right place. We can’t ask for anything more.

This is a “student first” environment.   Our children are thriving academically and socially. Yet, more important to us is the fact that they are growing into moral and ethical citizens. They are learning how to see outside of themselves and help others. They are becoming stewards of the earth. They are learning that kindness and authenticity are qualities that need to be developed along with academics, athletics and the arts.

As an artist with a husband who is a doctor, I believe we come at education from two different perspectives, but in the end we both agree that PacBay offers our children and our family the best environment that we could wish for. We are excited about all the great new initiatives and looking forward to many years here at this wonderful school.  


Annie Patel
Mother of Karina ’27 and Kaylia ‘29


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