My family is so appreciative of the care and support our son is getting at PacBay. His enthusiasm over math is music to my ears. Biology is a close second.

A Parent of a High School Student

A Message from the Head of School

Dear Mercy students and families,

I was shocked and saddened to learn of the upcoming closure of Mercy High School last Friday.  

My immediate concerns were:

  • Will the students at Mercy be able to find another community that not only will welcome them, but will also embrace them in their transition?

  • How can we, as a fellow educational community in the Bay Area, be helpful to the Mercy students and families as they process the sense of loss while they try to gain some degree of assurance that everything will be okay?

Mercy High School is an important school in the greater SF community because of its rich history, the quality of its graduates and leaders it produced, and its educational commitment within the Christian faith tradition.  It pains me and my colleagues to know that we will be losing such an important partner. We will continue to keep the Mercy community in our prayers.

Meanwhile, we want to do our part to support you in the transition.  We invite you to learn more about Pacific Bay Christian School.  From our quiet, 38 acre wooded campus, less than a mile from the beach in Pacifica and an ear shot from San Francisco, we are an inclusive Christ-centered community that offers a unique, rigorous, and innovative college preparatory program to prepare our students for the 21st century.  In addition, we are an open, welcoming, nondenominational Christian community, drawing our students from various Christian traditions--indeed, a quarter of our students are Catholic. We also have a substantial number of students who come to us with no religious background at all, where they feel safe to work out their perspectives and understanding of the world around them. 

Here are a few things that make PacBay special:

  • At PacBay, we believe in our students and know that given the tools we give them, they are able to make a difference, not only tomorrow, but today.

  • At PacBay, we strive to know each of our students well.  By taking the time to help create connections among students and between students and teachers, our students feel a great sense of belonging.

  • At PacBay, we are with our students on their growth journey where they can slow down, go deeper, and feel supported by caring individuals.

  • At PacBay, we seek to be faithfully grounded, student-centered, and globally engaged.  We do so by making sure that we know, love, and care for our students deeply and we help them to develop a deep sense of purpose in life.  

Should you decide to join our learning community, I can assure you that you will be warmly welcomed at PacBay.  For Mercy students and families, we will streamline the admission and transfer process and offer early decisions in order to reduce uncertainty and anxiety.  If you have more questions about us, please contact Mrs. Anna Valladares, our Admission Director at

Praying and rooting for you!

Dr. Michael Chen
Head of School

Transfer Now Button

For Mercy Transfer Students, we will...

  • waive the application fee
  • waive the entrance exam, (ISEE), and request standardized test results via Mercy
  • interview students on the Mercy SF campus
  • provide a special open house/shadow visit for the students and parents.
  • work with families already receiving tuition assistance.
  • provide an early decision for all students who qualify
  • request all supporting documents from Mercy for each completed PacBay application. 

For New Mercy Applicants, we will...

  • accept HSPT results from Mercy in place of the ISEE

PacBay  Offerings:

  • 14 AP Courses
  • 5 World Languages
  • 47 Electives
  • 65 UC Approved Courses
  • 7 Varsity Sports