My family is so appreciative of the care and support our son is getting at PacBay. His enthusiasm over math is music to my ears. Biology is a close second.

A Parent of a High School Student

Summer Program Overview

ePacBay Summer 2020

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Pacific Bay Christian School is in the unique position to provide quality distance learning to middle and high school students around the country. We not only strive to see our students, we believe in them and, especially in these times, we are with them. In the midst of social distancing and virtual classrooms, our staff is dedicated to seeing, believing, and growing the potential of each student.

What makes ePacBay different?

  • Real-time instruction each session
  • Creative attention to our students
  • UC-approved courses available
  • Workshops to help improve academic skills

Even though many schools were affected by campus closures during the last quarter of the year, our faculty have successfully continued teaching in real-time each course to finish all content with a high level of mastery. 

Why choose ePacBay for your summer plans? 

  • Take advantage of your summer at home and turn it into an opportunity to learn
  • Fill-in the academic gap caused by school closures
  • Get ahead of the curve
  • Get connected with peers and adult mentors and teachers

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